My full CV can be found here.

Main Education:

2014-2018: PhD in Economics. University of the Basque Country.

Advisors: Nagore Iriberri and Jaromir Kovarik

2014: M.A. in Economics: Tools for Economic Analysis. University of Oviedo, University of the Basque Country and University of Cantabria.

2014: B.A. in Economics. University of Oviedo.

2011: B.A. in Business Administration. University of Oviedo.

Additional Training:

2018: Visiting PhD student, The Ohio State University.

2015: Climate Change: On the road to Paris 2015 Course, University of the Basque Country.

2013: Game Theory I, Game theory II, Model thinking, Stanford University, University of Michigan (Online courses via Coursera).

2012-13: Erasmus Scholarship Programme, University of economics in Katowice.

2012: Environmental Economics & Sustainable Development Summer School, London School of Economics & Political Science.

Main Research Interests:

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Game Theory.

Research Papers:

«Naivete and Sophistication in Initial and Repeated Play in Games« (2019) with Nagore Iriberri. Submitted.

«Do People Minimize Regret in Strategic Situations? A Level-k Comparison« (Last version 2019). Submitted.

«Hot versus Cold Behavior in Centipede Games« (2019) with Nagore Iriberri and Jaromir Kovarik.

«Non-equilibrium Play in Centipede Games« (Last version 2018) with Nagore Iriberri and Jaromir Kovarik. Submitted.

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