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Semifinal Famelab 2019

El año pasado el gran @Txuben publicaba esta foto y tweet haciendo la broma sobre una reunión de #Famelab en la que yo era el futuro. Ayer

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If there is something that I like as much as know and understand stuff, is to transmit them in a fun way and trying to provide easy explanations of thing that can be hard to understand. There is little things more pleasant than getting others to understand your passion for something and awakening interest in them.

For that reason I try to do it whenever I can and in all formats that I can. Articles, both here and in Lasoga.org, videos on my Youtube channel Think Twice Show and collaborations in others, paritcipations in Famelab editions, talks, radio programs, activities…

Mostly I talk about  topics related to my field. But I also talk about science in general, especially about topics related to pseudoscience and magical thinking. The basis of the scientific method is critical thinking. Rely on evidence, being aware of our own biases, doubting everything and recognizing what we do not know is the key to getting to know something.

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