Do People Minimize Regret in Strategic Situations? A Level-k ComparisonGames and Economic Behavior, 2020, Vol(124), pp. 82-104.

Non-equilibrium Play in Centipede Games (with Nagore Iriberri and Jaromir Kovarik). Games and Economic Behavior, 2020, Vol(120), pp. 391–433.

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Working Papers

S equilibrium: How Beliefs Sets Determine Initial and Final Choices in Games (2022) with Jacob K. Goeree. Job Market paper. Submitted.

Naivete and Sophistication in Initial and Repeated Play in Games (2022) with Nagore Iriberri. Re-submitted to Journal of Economic Theory.

Extreme Lotteries and Risk Elicitation (2022) with Jacob K. Goeree.

Work in Progress

Designing Efficient and Equitable Voting Systems (with Jacob K. Goeree).

“Multivariate Risk and Other-Regarding Preferences” (with Jacob K. Goeree).

“Behavioral Types Endogeneity: A Machine Learning Analysis” (with Jaromir Kovarik).


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