Talend Land Spain 2024 (Málaga)

This week I participated in the  Talent Land Spain event being held at the FYCMA venue in Malaga, the event’s European headquarters. Although the event was very broad, including entrepreneurship, AI, etc, it also included some of the best known people dedicated to disclosure in Spain, as well as youtubers and streamers of high caliber as Jordi Wild, El Xokas or Luisito Comunica. I had the pleasure to participate giving a talk about what I like the most, cinema, game theory and behavioral economics, within the project developed with the support of the UPNA. In the talk I focused on “Mad Max” and “A Beautiful Mind”.

Despite the technical problems typical of a new event in a new location, the experience has been very good. Both for the feedback of my talk and for the coexistence with the great colleagues of dissemination and event, many of them belonging to Scenio.

Soon I will be talking a lot more about film and game theory on the youtube channel, where I will elaborate at leisure on the topics touched on in the talk.

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